Article Green Bliss - Experiments agri technologies to share with farmers if successful on ground

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    Experiments agri technologies to share with farmers if successful on ground

    Farming is profitable when it is a good mix of conventional practices as well as modern technologies. It is mandatory to adopt the new technologies because without using the latest knowledge the volumes in production cannot be attained that makes farming hard to be high revenue generating business model. Six friends bought 20 acres farm on the outskirts of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh to grow vegetables keeping the blend of old and new. “We are trying out all existing Israel technologies in our farm to check if it is feasible for Indian soil and climatic conditions. If it proves to be beneficial then we share with other farmers,” says Mr. Lakshmi Narasimha Ikkurthi, Founder, Green Bliss.
    Mr. Lakshmi Narasimha Ikkurthi

    Mr. Narasimha is a software professional turned farmer. He quit his job because he wanted to bring revolution in his village with education and farming. “Being born and brought up in a village I am committed to it. Farming is considered as noble profession but the farmer is not given the respect he deserves! It disturbed me a lot! Therefore to enable farmers earn better and lead respectful life I quit my job and started farming. Five more people joined me in my endeavor as our thoughts matched,” he shares the drive to get into farming.

    Farmers work hard but lack the direction and awareness on latest technologies. “When agricultural experts visit the village farmers do not hear them well. Even my father told me that farming is not as easy as sitting before a laptop and working! So I thought if I am a farmer myself, I can understand them well and at the same time can help them learn showing the result on my farm. It became the foundation of Green Bliss. We are growing vegetables and experimenting on various technologies to minimize the cost of production and increase the yield,” he adds.

    Vegetables and grapes are grown at Green Bliss Farm. It has mixed farming practices. Cow dung and urine based manure is used for the soil preparation while the plant supplements are chemicals that are accepted by the agricultural certifying bodies. The supplement worked wonders on the plants and increase the production substantially. “We attained 30 ton tomatoes from 1 acre. The end produce was absolutely residue free that implies safe for human consumption. All the nutrients are given through drip system. In our farm we have best irrigation system where not even a single drop of water is wasted. We share the details on these supplements as well as irrigation systems and other technologies with all the walk-in farmers on our farm,” claims Mr. Narasimha and adds, “Seeing our efforts we received another 15 acres farm from an IAS Officer. This new farm is an exclusive organic farm and has the same drip system for irrigation.”

    Mr. Narasimha is all praise for Telangana Government for its financial support for agriculture. “They are spending huge money on farming. We received 90% subsidy on drip system installation while 75% on green house construction. Further they have appointed agencies who are approaching the farmers to take up subsidy and explain the entire process. So it is a complete hassle free arrangement,” he asserts.

    Presently the farm produce is sold in the local mandi at low prices. “This is our learning curve to understand how the existing market works! Post six months we will be exporting our vegetables to the Middle East countries and in domestic market it shall be direct sales,” he states.

    In future, Green Bliss founders want to sell vegetables directly to the end consumers on subscription model. “We want to design the model through which freshly harvested vegetables from the farm will be delivered to customers’ door steps every day. Once this model gets standardized we shall involve the farmers. Customers can select the farmer and then vegetables from the respective farmer’s farm will be delivered. In this way farmers shall have their own business model thereby shall be able to earn more. Besides, we want to extend our farming operations to 120-150 acres,” he reveals.

    “It is tough for an individual farmer to survive. Community farming and marketing is the only solution and must be encouraged,” he emphasizes. Presently consumer is paying more for the vegetables and fruits purchase while the farmers are selling at very low cost. ‘This gap needs to be bridged and we will be doing it by making it profitable for farmers and reasonable for the end consumers!” Mr. Narasimha signs off.

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