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  1. kamuthi

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    The available agri land in my native village is totally Clay Soil also infertile ( not used for agriculture for 25+ years )

    It will be ok for Goat Farming..?

    I can prepare the land for Goat shed and some space for gracing without water stagnation.
    Also i hope the infertile land can be made fertile for Greens cultivation to feed the goat.

    Need experts view on this..!

    Thanks in Advance.

    Mohammed Ali
    Kamuthi - TamilNadu
  2. dhanamvmg

    dhanamvmg Support Team Staff Member

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  3. kamuthi

    kamuthi New Member

    The grass fodder like Co-4 and Desmanthus (Veli masal) cannot cutivated in clay soil..?
  4. smy82482

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    Yes you can use this clay soil for cultivation of fodder like c04,stylo,barseem etc for goats.You have to add some fertilizers to your soil as per the grade and PH of soil.Just visit your nearest agriculture department,they will test the soil and suggest you correct fertilizers,testing of soil for farmers is free of cost and available in all parts of India.
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  5. kamuthi

    kamuthi New Member

    Thanks a lot Mr. Shaikh..
  6. smy82482

    smy82482 Member

    You are always welcome.
  7. garao56

    garao56 Active Member

    Your soil is suitable for growing fodder crops for goats, Please inform the number of goats you want to purchase and loan required and property available for giving security to the Bank etc

    Please contact us for further guidance

    G.Ananda Rao B.Sc(Ag), Ex.Agricultural Officer (Department of Agriculture, AP) & Agricultural Banker (SyndicateBank)
    Vijaya Agro Consultants, Yanamalakuduru , Vijayawada -13, AP,,

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