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    50 acre wasteland converted into profitable fish farm

    “The land was tagged as waste due to infertile and alkaline soil as well as not-so-good water quality. Thousands of acreage in the region is lying idle as it is unfit for horticulture and floriculture. Receiving an opportunity to use one such land at minimal cost I took it up because I wanted to stay far from the city/metro culture. I studied the land and its feature meticulously and found it to be good for aquaculture and started a pilot project of rearing fish,” says Mr. S. Vijay Bhaskar, classical dancer and journalist turned fish farmer. He established Fish India Farm House.
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    Mr. S. Vijay Bhaskar

    “I left behind my career of 27 years in entertainment and media to become fish farmer in 2007. I had the prospect to open a dance institute in USA and settle there but to honour my Mother’s wish I stayed back and started fish farming,” he describes the drive to establish aquaculture business. “No land is waste! Lack of knowledge and exposure is the reason behind Indian aquaculture industry is still uptapped inspite of having immense potential for growth and prosperity.” On receiving positive results from the initial attempts slowly 50 acre land was developed into fresh water fish farm. The farm is located at Kallumadi village, Anantapuram district, Andhra Pradesh. Catla, Rohu and Common Carp are three main fish varieties reared at Fish India Farm House. “Our farm is on the river bed of Penna River therefore we have ample of water available. Also there are canals.”

    There are three different ponds developed at the farm namely nursery pond, rearing pond and grown-up pond. 1.5 acre is nursery pond, 2.5 acre is rearing pond and three grown up pond of 14 acres, 7 acre, 7.5 acre. “As the growth pattern and requirements of fish vary as per the age we need different ponds. Further feed quantity also changes in three different time period so it is essential to have separate ponds. We have to feed the fish as per FCR (feed conversion ratio). Feed given to fishes depends on 2% of fish body weight. We count the fish in the pond and give the feed accordingly,” he explains. Feed given is de-oiled bran (DOB) and pillets (groundnut cake, fried gram etc). On an average there are three thousand fish per acre.
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    Fish fingerlings are bought from Kaikaluru, Andhra Pradesh. “I buy entire stock at the rate of Rs. 0.50-1.50 per fingerling. Price varies according to the size,” informs Mr. Bhaskar and adds, “We first put the fingerlings into nursery pond for 2-3months. Later we transfer it to rearing pond for 2-3months. The size becomes 150-250 gram. In the end, we count and move fish from rearing pond to grown up pond.” The fish are allowed to grow and gain approximate weight 750g in grown-up pond, then are harvested.

    Post harvest 50% water is changed and re-used for horticulture as the fish waste in the water makes it nutrient rich. “We do not make the pond empty instead retain 50% old water and add another 50% fresh water. The ponds are built in a planned way such that the water is reused proficiently. ” Each pond has outlet and inlet section that facilitates the process of water change.

    Fish is harvested in 6-8months, weighs approximately 500-750 gram. Entire fish harvested is sold locally as the demand is high. It is sold to the wholesalers and retailers. “Most of the retailers come and take the fish from the pond directly,” he shares.

    Speaking about the selling price of fish from the farm gate, Mr. Bhaskar says, “People generally sell fish as per the market price but I fix the price based on my expenditure. As the demand is more people buy from my farm at the price quoted. Further, as supply of fresh water fish in this area is less and demand is more selling is not tough! The wholesale buyers usually buy 50 – 500 kg and sometimes even 1ton quantity. I sell fish at Rs. 110/kg while wholesale market price is Rs. 100/kg.” Annual sale is approximately 100 ton. “I get 30-40% profit.”

    When asked about the important factors to be taken care off to reduce the mortality in fish farming, he says, “These days as atmospheric temperature is high, if fishes are not harvested in 6-8months then it does grows upto 1-1.5 kg but can’t survive the hot weather conditions because of oxygen depletion in water. Hence it is better to harvest low-weighing fish. I consciously harvest fish early when it is 500 -750 gram. As the market demand is for table size 500-750 gram weighing fishes can be sold. So in hot temperatures it is essential to harvest early. Secondly to improve the life span of fish it is better to keep the depth of the pond more as it safeguards from high temperature and improve the habitat.”

    Sharing future plans Mr. Bhaskar concludes “In Rayalseema region I want to educate people to use their farmland that are lying idle or tagged as waste for fish farming. It is a lucrative business venture.”

    Contact Details:
    Fish India Farm House
    Kallumadi Village, Singanamala Mandal, Anantapuram District, Andhra Pradesh – 515 611
    Phone: 08985510999
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    wow !!!!
    great effort to settle yourself in your homeland with wishes and blessings of your mother.
    Great. You really inspired not only your surrounded village but all country men and young generations as well.
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  3. Hello Brother, Thanks for your compliments..
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    respected sir sollime vijay:
    As am immpresseed by your attitude plz suggest me how to start a fresh fish farm.
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    Congratulation sir, for inspiring us to do such project without losing any hope. Best of luck and keep going......
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    wow. congratulations, what an effort. keep it up. all the best.
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    great job vijay....

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