Wanted Farmers for medicinal herbs cultivation cousunltancy under buy back

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  1. aloeveraskpvt

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    Default Wanted farmers for medicinal herbs cultivation consultancy under buyback
    Wanted farmers for medicinal herbs cultivation cousunltancy under buyback

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are rajasthan udaipur based estd.2002 iso certified company doing herbal medicinal extracts & exports and herble product manufacturing .we need farmers who are having interest to cultivate Herbal crops.Form house holders like we provide all type medicinal plants in cheap price . we provide aloevera,stevia,tulsi,safad musli,colius,lemongrass,pamarosa,satavar, sarpgandha,guar gum, mentha,moringa drum stic, sarpgandha,ashwaganda, horticulture plant,tree plant,foresty plant,etc, plants to our reliable customers. we provide best quality plants which is prepare under in medicinal research scientist .
    there are many qualities of our company. also needed.We can provide you planting materials.counsaltancy and buy back agreement and supervision Farmers
    1- provide delivery plants and seed material at customer home.
    2- provide best advisory to farmers relates to cultivation
    3- provide marketing for sell crop
    4- provide plants in cheap rates

    Interested parties May Please feel free to contact me

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  2. pankajborole

    pankajborole New Member

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  3. kdkumaran

    kdkumaran New Member

    Hi Sir,

    We are certified manufacturers of Organic Moringa in Tamil Nadu. Please mail me your requirements at kdkumaran15@gmail.com
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  4. apfarms

    apfarms New Member

    Hello, We are Organic farmer of Moringa (Drum Stick), Hodjod (perandai), Thuthuvalai, and other herbals etc in Tamil Nadu. Please mail me your requirements at erarulprakash@gmail.com
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  5. vvgohad

    vvgohad New Member

    Interested in contract farming of medicinal herbs
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  6. sanchems80

    sanchems80 New Member

    Pls give your rate for Lemongrass & Palmarosa Oil. I have a regular requirement of 100kg Quaterly.
    Contact :sanchems80@gmail.com
    9022968490 (whatsapp)
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  7. rktenali

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    Dear Sir,
    I am willing to start a business in agri products such as Tulasi, alovera etc. I am from Andhra Pradesh and if you are interested, please let me know which product us most wanted for you and it's price and other details.

    Thank you.
    Raj Kumar
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  8. shyamalm

    shyamalm New Member

    i am shyamal from murbad, maharashtra, 8291900446, 9819159933. i am interested in farming any type of medicinal plants that you can suggest according to my soil properties. i am also interested in setting up a production unit. please let me know how can we start a project.

    thank you
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  9. dmannan

    dmannan New Member

    I am Dinesh and we have land in Uttarakhand, on which we have recently started growing commercial exotic vegetables. I have enough spare land to grow medicinal plants that can grow well at farms at an elevation of 5000 to 6000 feet. Please contact me if you are interested.

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  10. sudhakar94

    sudhakar94 New Member

    Am intrested I have 50acers of land but in Karnataka any possibility for contract farming?
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  11. tulsi73

    tulsi73 New Member

    I am having agriculture land with good supply of water , and i am very much interested in doing contract farming , request to send me details via mail .

    Mobile no 9890022011

    Nagpur , Maharashtra
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  12. madhavs1

    madhavs1 Active Member

    New season started.we can provide Medicinal plants and seeds,Consultancy service also available if you are intresting about cultivation feel free to contact with us.

    Madhav - 9866672765
    Venkat -8106525657
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  13. madhavs1

    madhavs1 Active Member

    We can provide Medicinal plants and seeds,consultancy service.you are intrested to cultivate Medicinal plants feel free to contact with us.

    Madhav -9866672765

    Venkat -8106525657
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  14. hallihanuma

    hallihanuma New Member

    Hari Om Sir/Mem

    Self having 1.5 Acre land attached to road, and small reservoir of our village Manslapur,
    I have retired from LnT Co. In 2017,

    Would like to grow Moringya and other plants which are required for medicinal purposes, based on location of land and climate and type of land.

    Hope you are able to guide me, for the same.
    Let's make long relationship.
    Mail me details please.

    Vadi Raj Rao
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  15. madhavs1

    madhavs1 Active Member

    We can provide medicinal plants and seeds.consultancy service and marketing also available.

    Madhav - 9866672765
    Venkat - 8106525657
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