Wanted Farmer who want to start own business in farming

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  1. Dear All,

    I am farmer from Gujarat , want to set up Lemon Juice concentrate plant as well Peel oil extraction also part of our project which will recover our process cost and Juice will be almost free for us to sale.

    But for that we have to cultivate Lemon on 2000 acre lemon so it's not possible for single farmer

    Also the cost of project is also 20 crore

    As lemon concentrate juice 80% India import from other country , So the demand of this product in market is huge we can also agreement with MNC company also export both way demand is higher

    We like to invite farmer who can join this project by growing 100 acre and more cultivate

    Also investor is welcome for this project

    The cost is lower down as we want to produce our own raw material and water is 24/7 as the narmada canal is 100 feet away from farm.

    Only interested people contact
    On 9033898401 on what's app by saying Hi to join lemon juice concentrate business

    For further details please feel free to call

    maximum 15 farmer wanted our first priority is Gujarat and Maharastra farmer as transport cost is lower

    Nitin Patel
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    your mail id sir
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    I am from UP , can I do farming from here. I am interested.
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