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  1. mail310e

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    Hello members,
    I have 15 years experience in agriculture, agribusiness, ecommerce etc. I need job in managing farms & estates, production companies, online marketing companies etc. i can help you to increase your profits and streamline the existing process.In and around chennai preferred.

    I am Also willing to cultivate lands on joint venture /profit sharing/lease methods based on debt or equity methods. If any one having vast tracts of lands which remains un cultivated, this is a good offer from a genuine person. All the worlds great companies are built by public/private investment only. so, we can have legal agreements. no worries. it will be mutual beneficial. so , take decision quickly and use my passion and experience in agriculture.

    pls. revert asap as private message.
    we can discuss in detail..
    Thanks in advance.
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  2. farvestors

    farvestors New Member

    Do please connect with us
  3. I have land in Gujarat 30 acre

    Call me on 9033898401 for joint farming
  4. saifarmsindia

    saifarmsindia Member

    My discussions and negotiations are on for securing an area of 300 plus acres in Tirunelveli district and looking for someone to develop it. Please contact if interested to: pksjn16@gmail.com

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