Sale Farm land 27Acre sale in Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu

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    Exclusive Farm land viewers,
    Developed farm land 27 acre sale in Tirunelveli, Approach mud road 300mts from bus road tar road, Water source: Agri Tariff elecricity 3nos, Openwell 2 nos 30x30x70feet & 20x20x50feet, Borewell 2nos, Now excisting plantation like coconut, Mango,Banana 5000nos, paddy(Full are covered current season crop,) No empty place in this land, No wind mill, No high powerline,No gravel,No rockery,Good for Agri farm land investment cum green belt conversion. clear revenue record .Our expected total price 1.2crore. if need more details, please contact us.

    We are morethan27 years practical field experience horticulture science backround from 1992 onwards,

    our special main farm land value added services

    1. selection of virgin red soil with minimum DEPTH 5feet.
    2. All types of GEO survey.
    3. All farm LAND SURVEY/ plantation marking survey.
    4. All types of FENCING like natural/ Barbed/ Chain link/ Solar.
    5. Arrangements of all types of skilled/Semiskilled LABOUR like Daily/Weekly/Montly basis.
    6.Arrangement of Govt SUBSIDY / Bank LOAN
    7. Installation of IRRIGATION like Drip/Sprinkler/Raingun/
    8. Arrangement of SHADE NET house for permanent vegetable nursery/ POLYHOUSE
    9. Reqular FIELD VISITt ie weekly/ fortnight basis.
    10. All types of FARM MAINTAINANCE like pruning/nursery / All types of intercultural operation.
    11. All types of FARM LAND VALUE ADDED SERVICES like Diggig of Borewell/ Openwell/ Land bush clerance/ Land cleanig/
    Arrangement of Tractor/JCB/ for Rain water harvesting Tank,
    12. selection& collection of All types of Green manure seeds,Animal feed seeds,SEEDLING& GRAFTS,Budded plants, Layers, Timber value seedling/HB seedling like coconut DXT/TxD, Tender coconuts like MyD/CoD/
    13. Arrrangement of Direct MARKETING people & collection of farm produces from farm boundaries.

    with regards,

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    HI Saroni,

    I am looking for 10- 20 acres agricultural land without any cultivation ( with adequate water source & road access & electricity connection) for lease. The purpose is to use for cattle breeding & integrated farming. Can you help me.
    Suresh: or mobile;8606536032

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