Wanted Experienced person to assist me in red lady papaya farming

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  1. jomathew

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone who has experience in red lady papaya farming.
    I've got 20 acres of land in Theni for lease and looking for someone who can train me and labors to do farming in this land.
    Please contact me on whatsapp: 00974-33409839 or email: jojo_ckpara@yahoo.com
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    Taiwan Lady Red 786 Papaya mother seed costs Rs 3 lac per kg .
    The seed rate : 250-300 g./ha .
    Yield : 130-150 MT / ha
    Cultivation cost : 5-6 lac / ha
    Cost benefit ratio : 2.25 -2.56
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  3. jomathew

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    Thank you. I've read about another variety of papaya called IPB9 Calina. May I know your opinion about this variety of hybrid papaya.
  4. maitys

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    Callina IPB 9 is F2 ( second generation ) hybrid variety papaya developed by Late Prof Dr. Sriani Sujiprihati ( Scientist , Plant Breeding ,Institut Pertanian Bogor , Indonesia ) from native Callina papaya variety in 2011

    Now they have developed IPB -10 for sap ( papain ) collection purpose .

    If you are planning to go for a foreign F2 plant variety plantation , then it’s makes more sense to import from the actual mother seed breeder and follow their crop management methodology in actual
    Approx price for 150 seed ( male –female ) will cost you RD 60,000 ( INR 290 ) plus courier charge .

    If you have soiled your own hands in farming then it’s easier for you to chalk out things to do for papaya cultivation in advance .

    Germination : 80-90 % germination , you are lucky
    Nursery development : Good growing media for the growth of the sprouts .
    Transplanting :
    Fertiliser applications :
    Pest control : susceptible to 4 pest species
    Disease control : Susceptible to 3 plant disease
    Irrigation :
    Male –female plant sorting : at 3-4 month ( first flowering) if you can identify male plants and know how to convert a male plant into fruit bearing female plant then you are experienced farmer .
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