Wanted Drip irrigation proposals in rural areas...

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    Hello everyone,,
    I would like to plant Passion fruit in 20 Acres of farm in Theni, Tamil Nadu. I've taken this land on lease for mobdro lucky patcher kodi 7 years. There will be 700 plants per acre (total 14,000 plants in 20 acres).
    I'm looking for the cheapest drip irrigation system for this land.
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    Any crop can be grown using drip irrigation. From field crops such as corn-soybean or sugarcane to vegetables and tree crops. Either growing in soil or in a soilless media. On a flat field or on sloping terrain – fits all topographies. The only decision is choosing the right drip configuration based on your crop and field conditions.
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    You please approach Micro Irrigation project of the Horticulture Department as they are giving drip systems on 90% subsidy

    G.Anandarao B.Sc(Ag)
    Agri-Finance Consultant
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