Article Dr. Anjali Pathak - Naturopath encourages tribal farmers in North East India

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    Naturopath encourages tribal farmers in North East India to grow medicinal herbs and crops naturally for her cancer patients

    ‘Farmers in North East India are full of warmth and capable of doing wonders’, believes Dr. Anjali Pathak, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh based naturopath. She primarily works with cancer patients. She recommends naturally grown medicinal crops and herbs such as black rice, sabah snake grass etc to her patients. However the patients shared the problem of non-availability. “Either these food items are too expensive or quality is inferior. In addition, being an avid traveler I am always in close connect with the farmers in remote locations precisely in Assam and Manipur state. So in alliance with nature the link was established between the growers and end-buyers. I encouraged the tribal farmers to grow black rice and herbs like sabah snake grass using chemical free farming inputs. And they agreed to work with me,” she elaborates.

    Initially Dr. Anjali Pathak 1.jpg Dr. Pathak provides seeds and farming assistance to the farmers so that they can begin without any loss of time. She practices ancient methods of vrikshayurveda for farming and shares the same knowledge of growing crops with farmers. She gives them the guidance to produce organic manure within the farm. “Farmers in North East States are small and marginal but are open minded. So I advice them to make manure from the animal waste collected from slaughter houses. It is a complete natural process to convert this waste into semi-liquid form manure. It takes 60 days to produce this manure in form of slurry without any use of chemicals. It is an excellent source of nutrients for the crops to grow in the farmlands and facilitate the switch from chemical to natural farming practices. It also keeps the crops safe from any pest attack or disease spread out. Moreover the yield is of premium quality as well that is essential for healing my patients,” she asserts.

    Besides, farmers also use cow dung based manure. “It is economically viable if the farmer rears indigenous breed cows in their farm itself. It surely increases the work for the farmers but in the end it is worth to get 8-9 kg cow dung per day. The tribal farmers I work with are mostly small and marginal hence one cow is good enough to meet the requirements of manure,” she adds. “Further the cows are also used for ploughing the farmlands which is better for the soil too. Tractors must be avoided in the small farmland as it is loss from every nook and corner to the farmer because it dents his pocket and deteriorates the soil,” she adds.

    Dr. Pathak also takes efforts to help these farmers in selling their organically produced products to urban buyers. “Sometimes my patients directly make the purchase from these farmers. It is win-win for all and gives me umpteen satisfaction that cannot be expressed in words,” she signs off.

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    Dr. Anjali Pathak
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    Lucknow 226022, Uttar Pradesh
    Mobile: +91 9450540363
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    Hello mam can we grow medicinal herbs in Lucknow..?

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