Wanted Distributors/Dealers/Channel partners for bio-stimulants/Plant growth promoters/bio fertilizers

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    Auraphyll Innoventures India (Pvt) Ltd., is a Marine Biotech Company focused on developing innovative and sustainable Chitin and Chitosan based Bio-Stimulants from the marine bio-active materials, which can be used in Agriculture. Chitin is the novel biomaterial of the millennium, which stands out as the only alternative for freeing up the agricultural industry from the deadlocks of harmful and toxic chemical inputs. Auraphyll is the pioneer of revolutionary Chitin based agri inputs. Explore the benefits of Chitin based futuristic agri inputs developed with cutting edge technology.

    We are looking for Channel & Business Partners/ Distributors/Dealers/Retailers or any mutual tie-ups/associates.

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    i am interested plz contact 8433441290
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    Your mail id please
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