Question Details on paddy land conversion. Need your suggestions

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    Hi All,

    We have a agriculture land in godavari delta area. The land is being used for paddy cultivation,as this not much profitable, i am thinking to convert .05 acre land for poly house construction. Kindly share your experiences and your valuable views on this. I am also interested see any suggested varieties(Vegetable/Flowers ) that we easily pick up in poly house as land here is more arable .

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    yes, its correct if you have the fund you can do it.
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    Hi Ram,
    Why don't you try organic Paddy cultivation and we are going to provide healthy food for our future generations moreover it is good for our environment too... if you live there check with Subash palekar zero budget farming... and also you can do mix and match i.e Kharif will be paddy and Rabi would be any pulses or anything which suits your soil.. it will help to regenerate the strength back to soil... Hope this helps.
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    There ar lot of subsidy for poly-house. The avarage subsidy provided by central government is 50%, where as many state government also provide subsidy over that. I don't know how much subsidy is provided by AP. But telengana provides 90% total subsidy. If your are is under hot climate and low rain fall, than it is better to go for net house.Because temperature raise 3/5 degree more inside the poly house which makes it useless in summer time. Also very few type of vegetables can be cultivated in poly house.Poly house cost about 900/- per sq.mtre onwards.
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    call me once we will explain to you 9440594367
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    Dear Mr. Ram,

    In Godavari basin, paddy cultivation is in practice since many years. Probably your people also doing paddy since long. It makes your land into highly alkaline. In this conditions, the soil is not suitable for sensitive crops which cant tolerate for higher pH levels. First you do soil analysis. If your soils are neutral, you can think about vegetables or flower cultivaion under polyhouse conditions. Before taking U turn and pumping investment to new crops, do proper investigation. For any further information, dont hesitate to contact us.

    Sampada Farms & Consutltants
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    this is best land for goat farming kindly share about your investment .Rs.25.lakhs start goat farming with waste used chain.
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    I am planning to start Goat business with 150 goats + male & Fimail goats.
    project redy but i need goas for the bay Villeg. NAGAD MAHARASHTRA (M) 9727774509.
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    hi all
    I am having 4 acres of land in chandrapur district of maharashtram. i am planning for the cultivation of tuberose . please do share your views and opinions.
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    If you can funds you can. If You can try
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