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    DeerTree Technologies, Goa process the organic waste (non-veg and veg) into bio gas and fish fertilizer using an anaerobic process, known as biomethanation. It was established in 2013 by Mr. Parag Mody, an engineering graduate from the University of Michigan returned back to India after working for more than two decades as an electrical engineer and also in the solar renewable energy sector in United States. “I returned because i wanted to understand environmental issues the country was facing, and experiment with some ideas I had for addressing these issues. Piles of garbage scattered across the nation is a huge matter of concern! So I thought that harnessing the energy from this waste would be an interesting approach,” he adds. Environmentalist Mr. Claude Alvares encouraged Mr. Mody in his endeavor hence he set up his first plant in Goa. He gives a walkthrough to the company establishment, production of biogas and fish fertilizer, challenges faced and future plans. Excerpts:

    After a long tedious process with the help of Mr. Alvares we persuaded the Margao municipality to donate 300 sq meters plot in the middle of the city market. It took more than a year to occupy the plot as I went through the entire procedure in legal and ethical way. On the plot biogas and composting unit are installed. It is a de-centralized unit to processes all the organic market waste to produce biogas that is sold to the restaurants and slurry is given to the farmers for free. In the composting unit, fish fertilizer is made that is sold directly to the farmers.
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    As we are based right in the market, expenses for transporting waste to the landfill are nullified and entire market waste is processed immediately in a well structured manner in an appropriately installed plant and composting unit therefore there is no bad odor at all. People rarely complain about the stinking smell in the vicinity! Everyday two to three tons of waste is processed.

    Bio Gas

    In the bio-gas digester, raw waste is fed namely chicken, mutton, fruits and vegetables throw-away. It is then processed to produce the biogas . Approximately two-commercial cooking gas cylinder is produced everyday that is piped at high pressure directly to the restaurant’s kitchen. And the slurry is collected by the small farmers for free.

    Fish Fertilizer

    When the market waste is collected, fish waste is separated to make the fish fertilizer. The waste is crushed in a fish crusher to make small pieces. On an average 500-800 kg fish waste comes on the site daily that is crushed in 3-4 hours. It is then mixed with sawdust from the sawmills, and then composted for a month before packaged and sold to the farmers.
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    Fish based fertilizer is nutrient rich manure for the food growing fields. I call it as best soil amendment farming input for its USP of enriching the soil and water holding capability. Carbon, phosphorous and protein content in this fertilizer is quite high. Farmers are extremely happy with its results. It is sold at Rs. 8-15/kg. The price varies as per the quantities sold. The fertilizer is packed in 20 kg bag.

    The operations of DeerTree Technologies are in best of interest for one and all yet many challenges were faced during the initial years of establishment in regard to government procedures and no little cooperation from the community! I invested my personal savings to address the environmental issues but it has been a challenge to implement such a system as there are no incentives from the government for small scale decentralized systems.

    Irrespective of the challenges faced, in time to come I want to replicate the same processing method in other cities as it is best in the favour of the environment and people. To progress further all I await is the association with like-minded individuals and organization.
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    The main aim of the company is to showcase the community that waste can be processed in rightful manner and is useful for the mankind instead of just discarding it inappropriately and spoiling the environment. I did my job and shall continue it but will be elated if community too participates and cooperates that is missing till date even after showing it live. Every individual has to learn and practice waste segregation. This new learning is compulsory to make our nation truly ‘Swacch Bharat’ and restore the nature!

    (As told to Shweta Dhanuka)

    Contact details:
    DeerTree Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    4 Design Valley, Defence Colony, Alto Porvorim, Goa 403521
    Mobile: 08380086003
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    Hi Sir,
    it's really very inspirational. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Actually now i am planning to start small size bioGas plant completely using House waste from my town. Daily around 200 houses kitchen waste + Vegetable Martket waste plastic & glass.
    Currently in our town all kitchen waste collected and dumping into earth...i felt its very dangerous to society untill it completly decomposes.

    So i want to reduce the waste which goes as real waste.

    Please advice me on,
    • How much space required
    • Machinery & Equipment needed
    • Avg budget for this plant
    • Avg profit can expect
    • Other then GAS what other different outputs can be utilized.
    Please Suggest us.
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