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  1. dragonking312

    dragonking312 New Member

    Four-day training programme for making ideal dairy farm

    This training will be a mix of both theory and practical hands on training.

    All accommodations and food arrangement will done from our side for all the 4 days at farm.
  2. vashudev

    vashudev New Member

    Any contact number
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  3. vashudev

    vashudev New Member

    Sir I want to know more about training
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  4. ravidarshan

    ravidarshan New Member

    Where is the program conduct
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  5. mango2020

    mango2020 New Member

    Please mention venue details sir...send a message to 8099393038
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  6. ayyappanvelu

    ayyappanvelu New Member

    Please provide training location and cost
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  7. mithun vp

    mithun vp New Member

    From where and contact number
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  8. nagaraju001

    nagaraju001 New Member

    When and where will be comduct training programme.... 9642725844
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