Sale Country Chicken Laying Eggs Daily for > 580 days

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    We offer unique Country Chicken chicks which lays eggs daily. This chicken need only minimum facilities (small, low cost sheds) and minimum food-110 gm food per day. Upto 100 chicken can be housed in L: 10 Ft x W: 10 Ft x H: 3 Ft thin iron mesh cages to be set up 1 metre above ground (dung collection at ground). Shed at ground level with surface covered by saw dust or hay or dry twigs can be used for larger numbers. Need 16 hours light once they start laying eggs. They will lay eggs continuously for > 580 days, from 5th month onward. After 18 months, they can be reared through open grazing also. Feed can be Congo Signal grass, Napier Grass, Coriander Leaf, Tulasi Leaf, Leaf of pulses etc and other normal feed including food containing calcium, B complex etc (such as rice bran, waste pulses, waste cereals etc). Eggs with dark red bran colour externally. These chicken can also be used/sold for meat after 20 months. For further details and for setting up this Country Chicken project, booking supply of 5 month old chicks, please mail us your requirement along with your contact details. Advance booking required and only bulk supply above 100 chicks possible. Please mail to E:
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    Contact me: 8525978678
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    what is unique about these chicks?
    can you post some pictures?

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