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    Dear sir
    i am cultivating an mushroom that name is cordyceps militaris, now that is in under process if any want to buy that please contact me thanks
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    Please mail details, target price per kg (fresh/dry) along with photographs and quantity available, including spawn you can supply with spawn price rate and your location/address to E:
    If you have any lab test report already done with regard to its quality and contents, please attach the same also.
    You can see our details in other posts in this site: Well-Known Member: greenlandfns.
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    Hi ,

    I am searching for the Source to cultivate this mushrooms, can you tell us information on this

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  4. goswamibedanta10

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    Where is your production unit ? I need it instant
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    Ophiocordyceps sinensis, better known as Cordyceps sinensis, was made world famous back in 1993 at the Chinese national games in Beijing where multiple Chinese runners shattered track and field records. One of their records still stands today. Their coach, Ma Junren, claimed their success was due to a tonic that included Cordyceps sinensis.
    C. sinensis grows at an elevation between 14,000 to 17,000 feet in a way that is unique from other mushrooms, leading to it being nicknamed the zombie mushroom. It is also called Himalayan Viagra, caterpillar fungus or Yarsagumba which translates to “winter worm, summer grass.”
    Before the rainy season, the spores of the mushroom infect caterpillars of a species called the ghost moth while underground. The fungus grows, essentially feeding on the body of the caterpillars underground, until their death. Then the mushroom's bright tendrils grow out of the caterpillar's head and up through the soil. By the time the mushroom is mature, there is little caterpillar left, other than the mummified remains.
    Thus completes the transformation from animal to mushroom.
    Scarcity and sky-high prices prompted biotech companies eager to jump on the Cordyceps bandwagon to synthetically produce a lab-grown variation.

    Most products sold in the market today do not feature the true species with companies attempting to sell the more easily cultivatable Cordyceps militaris or Cs-4 as the true species of Cordyceps. As seen in the figure below, although Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris are closely related species, the two species differ greatly in their morphology (color, shape, and size), chemical composition, and health benefits.
    In this case, no caterpillar, no true cordycepsa

    Physical difference between a lab grown Cordyceps militaris and wild Cordyceps sinensis can be understood from the pic .
    Wild Cordycep S is a single, root-like structure consisting of dark brown fruiting spores and the artificial one is just white or yellow mycelium.

    Artificially cultivated C. militaris or Cs-4 having up to 65%. starch whereas wild-harvested Cordyceps typically contains around 5% starch .

    Lab-grown Cordyceps variation is mostly “Cordycepin” while the wild one is primarily “Adenosine” that has been shown to enhance athletic performance.

    Wholesale synthetic lab grown Cordyceps or Cs4 rate is are $3-10/ Kg

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    Please provide your communication details email id or contact no on
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    i am producer of cordyceps miltaries please let me know if any wants to buy
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    I have readily available ,how much you need on 7982316754
    Dr Sharad
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    cont me 7982316754 for sale

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