Wanted Consultant for Perishables Export

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by rohitsalwan, May 17, 2019 at 12:05 PM.

  1. rohitsalwan

    rohitsalwan New Member

    We are starting with the export of Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Mushroom Exports to the USA.
    Looking for a consultant who can guide us with the process to execute this smoothly.

    Please contact on rohit@indianagripreneurs.co.in or call /whatsapp on 8120120575
  2. maitys

    maitys Active Member

    Due to strict USFDA laws and regulations it's very hard to export Indian fresh vegetables or mushroom from third party supply . Fresh vegetables , fruits from third world countries mostly gets detained or rejected by USFDA due to high % or pesticide residue and heavy metals presence . Fruits like mango , banana gets rejected at port due to presence of sulpher dioxide .
    Canned mushroom can be exported ,if you have your own mushroom unit .

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