Sale chia seed for sale with buy back for good income

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by venkcae3, May 13, 2018.

  1. venkcae3

    venkcae3 Active Member

    hi we have chia seed and will give buy back for growers for chia please contact 9666647177
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  2. dhubulli

    dhubulli New Member

  3. rambhopale

    rambhopale New Member

    What price your offering to buyback.
  4. varunya

    varunya New Member

    What is your buy back price? Will u make a contact ?
  5. venkcae3

    venkcae3 Active Member

    yes contact 9666647177
  6. venkcae3

    venkcae3 Active Member

    150 per kg
  7. hcms

    hcms Member

    we want for reselling purpose 10 tons chia seed...
    please quote the best price.
  8. shrikad

    shrikad Member

    Hello sir,were r u located,am from mumbai
  9. pipkon

    pipkon New Member

    Please WhatsApp: 8880777168

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