Wanted Cheap 25,000 to 50,000 per acre land anywhere in India

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by bigguy3840, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. bigguy3840

    bigguy3840 New Member

    I want to start farming anywhere in india but does not have enough land, if you are interested in selling me your land for 20,000 to 50,000 per acre price for lands which are not suitable for agriculture, i would like to buy 15-30 acres or more, if you are a broker i will give you 2-3% commission, also if the land is good and water is accessible i would give 1-25 lakhs per acre, interested person please contact.
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  2. agriland2017

    agriland2017 New Member

    Even I am looking for such land
  3. sannyy

    sannyy Member

    we hv many proposal plz contact me on 8652180988
  4. samkutty45s

    samkutty45s New Member

    I also looking for such a land please contact me if any one is willing
  5. vickram2507

    vickram2507 New Member

    We have very good fertile landlwith ground water 70ft depth in Rajasthan price 1.5lac per bibighbcontact 8890446151 Vikram Singh
  6. anojagar

    anojagar New Member

  7. krishnaveni3

    krishnaveni3 New Member

    Interested to buy land for layer poultry farm.Please contract 9710268933
  8. umeshsharma

    umeshsharma Member

    We have 300 acers (ST) categories land ,for long lease 5000/-rs.per acer per year, 50years lease agreement, please contact me 8275562661
  9. royelias 01

    royelias 01 Member

    hi i have bought some agriculture land in ratnagiri - maharashtra . i can help you in getting the land near dam site @ 1.5 lakh per acre. its agriculture land.
    whats up me in 0097333453330
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  10. attraction

    attraction New Member

    Where is the land situated ? What is the type of soil and weather in that area ? I am interested
  11. attraction

    attraction New Member

    Please contact me on +919323034292
  12. himanshuvedi

    himanshuvedi New Member

    if you want to buy in madhya pradesh whatsapp me 8770024749.
  13. himanshuvedi

    himanshuvedi New Member

    if you want to buy in madhya pradesh whatsapp me 8770024749
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  14. phosatti

    phosatti New Member

    Looking for similar land to start farming.......Please advise
  15. madhukarp_79

    madhukarp_79 New Member

    Hi There, 0097333453330 is this your correct whats app number unable to send any message via whats app, if possible can you send a test message to me.
  16. royelias 01

    royelias 01 Member

    yes no. is correct . send your whats up no.
  17. phosatti

    phosatti New Member

  18. umeshsharma

    umeshsharma Member

    Call me 8275562661
  19. sunil9985

    sunil9985 New Member

  20. I m interested...

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