Question Can I use electricity from the existing well to new bore well pump ??

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  1. shanstsm

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    Dear Sir,
    We have 5 acre agriculture land in tamil nadu and it's supplied by two nos. of well with free electricity supply. however, recently we did another one bore well near by that existing well without electricity supply.
    Can I use electricity from the existing well to new bore well pump set by using changeover switch and run any one pump at the time?. does tamilnadu electricity board will allow us to do? OR what are procedure to get electricity supply for the new one?
    Please advise
    Thank you,
  2. padmanabhan_ganesan

    padmanabhan_ganesan Active Member

  3. shivashankar7958

    shivashankar7958 New Member

    You can use existing well electricity to bore well but some points to be check.
    1.Addition Your well motor HP and Borewell motor HP must be equal to or less than your sanctioned HP.
    2.Well and Borewell should not be more distance(Distribution loss so not allowed)
    3. Seperate starter required.
    4. Permission letter from board required.
    5. Rules depends from state to state.
    6.Check the load n transformer.
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  4. dhubulli

    dhubulli New Member

    It is possible, provided that
    1. the land where the bore well is dug is in the same name where the existing wells are situated.
    2. purpose of use of the bore should be for irrigation only.
    3. if there is no restriction of amount of free electricity to be used for irrigation, there is no need to use a change over switch.
  5. kynadi

    kynadi New Member

    Good question and good answers . If you are in Karnataka there is an Akrama Salrama provision even if you violate some rules.
  6. agrisun

    agrisun New Member

    Yes, you can ,in Tamil nadu no problem.
  7. poongaramesh123

    poongaramesh123 New Member

    You use any one EB Service get EB change switch legaly and then use EB service any one at the time.
  8. azhar2345

    azhar2345 New Member

    Yes you can use existing well electricity to bore well if you have official connection you have allowed to use @ point of your land but you should not give it to any neighbors. check your all requirements & follow Mr. shivashankar comments.

    Best Regards,
  9. sin123

    sin123 Member

    There are some rules regarding that, check that.
  10. pskrishnan

    pskrishnan New Member

    Yes you can connect another pump to the same EB connection, the capacity of the new pump should be the same or less than the existing pump. You need to submit a request to EB for a change over connection
  11. robertrustom123

    robertrustom123 New Member

    yes you can
  12. e millets

    e millets New Member

    its a very good information..
  13. shyam_gopi

    shyam_gopi New Member

    Yes you can do so subject to:
    1. A formal letter of request to be sent to the SDO(Electrical), EB requesting to accord approval for the same narrating him the position / particulars of the land.
    2. Under no circumstance the total load at any point of time should not be more than that of the sanctioned load by EB . If it comes to be more, a fresh sanction is to be obtained.
    3. The water fetched out must not be utilised for a purpose other than agriculture.
    4. The new bore well must be within the permissible distance from the pole where from your other wells are connected i.e. a new connection from the same pole or from the nearby pole c an not be taken.
    5. There should a different starter for the new well but not a different meter / connection.
    6. Pl have a post execution check-up by the EB officials and ask for a copy of their report for your protection.
  14. shri21_jagtap

    shri21_jagtap New Member

    Of course, you can do this. You simply have to inform to electricity board which had given you the connection and submit a new connection form and other formalities. In Maharashtra, we don't even do that.:D
  15. brittojvicky

    brittojvicky New Member

    No. You can not. If you are caught up during inspection you can not get any eb connection in your life time in Tamilnadu.
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  18. kmulla

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    Electricity supply provided for Irrigation Purpose by your state EB is absolutely the right of a farmer. However using the (well) same connection to another point (bore well) without notifying to EB can be considered as an offence and can attract penalty. Write an application to the EB Section Officer and seek his assistance / guidance.
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