Question Can Beema Bamboo be planted for usage as biomass on a large scale ?

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    Can Beema Bamboo be planted for usage as biomass on a large scale, if yes, where to find suitable buyers & markets & prices of the harvested produce???
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  3. barathigrowmore

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    Yes, Beema Bamboo can be planted for usage as biomass on a large scale. Because, it is highly suited for commercial cultivation as an Energy crop and the biomass produced from Beema bamboo is used as a feed stock for the production of power (Electricity).

    Beema bamboo can be planted under different spacing method such as High, Medium and Low density plantation. High density plantation requires 1000 plants from one acre to get the first harvest in two and a half years and subsequently it is an annual harvest without replanting. Beema bamboo has the potential of producing high quantity of biomass from unit area (ie) One acre of Beema bamboo will yield an average biomass of 40 tons /acre/yr or 100 tons/ha/yr when cultivated under proper agronomical practices.

    Our Beema bamboo is cultivable and thorn less, sterile and hence it does not produce seed and die. It has the Calorific value of 4000KCal energy, Ash content of 1 to 2 % and highly suitable for power generation.
    Generally, 1MW Biomass Power Project requires 200 acres of farming of Beema bamboo based energy plantation under high density as per precision farming methodology to produce power for 24 hours, 330 days in a year.

    Beema bamboo is supplied as raw material for making furniture, for biomass based power project, for paper mill, as a raw material for the production of Bio-Ethanol and Bio-CNG, for construction purposes and as a pole in the open market.

    Wide spacing (200 to 300 plants / acre) is preferred for harvesting bamboo as poles. Close spacing (400 -650 plants) is preferred for compressed board, paper pulp. High density spacing (1000 plants) is preferred for applications such as (a) Power Generation (b) Bio-Ethanol (c) Bio-CNG & (d) Bio-oil, (e) Hydrogen gas, where bamboo will be used as chipped raw material.

    We will be able to guide you further after we know your location of your proposed cultivation and extend of cultivation.

    Dr.N.Barathi Director
    Growmore Biotech Ltd
    Hosur Tamilnadu India
    Office: +914344 260564
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    hello madam,
    Am Anil from Bangalore and am working a company called Surya Agritech .which we are undergoing a polyhouses for farmers for 1 acre and we do have a Buy-Back System also with them, By seeing this post am really interested to know more about the Beema bamboo. so please can i get a appointment to meet you madam nor any of your executive to know more about the things .


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    Hi Mr. Anil,

    For your appointment please post a mail to


    Kavitha Sivaguru
    Executive Technical,
    Growmore Biotech,
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    Thanks a lot Dr.Barathi, I am based in Odisha & propose to start cultivation here itself in Rayagada district. Considering, I am a layman & passionately aspire to get into Agriculture, can you please guide me of the available markets nearby or how to identity market & potential buyers of the same, post harvest.
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    Dear Mr. Ganapathi,


    I am happy to know your interest in Bamboo cultivation in Odisha. There exists huge market in Orissa and we can guide you based on your location, size of the farm and the species which you will be interested in planting.

    There are many Paper mills, Biomass based power projects, Bio-Ethanol projects, Bio-CNG projects are finding difficult to get the raw material.
    For further information Please write to us to our mail address:

    With kind regards,

    Dr. N. Barathi. B. Sc(Agri), M. Sc(Agri), Ph.D.
    Founder Director,
    Growmore Biotech Ltd.
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  8. ganapati1-9

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    Thanks for your response Sir. My place being on the southern most tip of Orissa & bordering Andhra Pradesh, my proximity to A.P.,Vizianagram&Visakhapatnam is better. Next as you said about Paper Mills, we do have J.K.Paper our place but they use Euclaptyus as raw material for paper production. As far as Bio power plants are concerned we don't have any nearby. Hence need guidance on markets in nearing Vizianagram & Visakhapatnam Districts.
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    This article introduced current situations of bamboo used as biomass: Make Bamboo Pellets.
    Hope it can help you.
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    I think your thought can be realized, bamboo is new biomass energy, our pellet machines can make bamboo into pellets to be burned as biofuels, this article can help you to know more. biomass energy
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