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Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by arbhaskar, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. arbhaskar

    arbhaskar New Member

    Hi, I'm a Botany Graduate and leaving in Mumbai....
    I have created a Self Help Group of 15 members....
    We are searching to start small business with low investment in Mumbai....

    ......If anyone has idea, please share us.
    Your guidance may give path us...
  2. universal4trade

    universal4trade New Member

    I am from Universal4trade Inc.
    I have tons of ideas for businees
    Contact me at
  3. garao56

    garao56 Active Member

    Depending up the locality of the residence of the 15 members thely can take up each one type of activity like retail trade, egg cart, vegetable marketing, provision shop, bunk & trade, tea shop, cooldrinks , milk parlor, dairying , meat stall, fish vending, egg omlet shop, mobile tiffins , Embroidery work, Tailoring , Beauty parlor etc., In a city like Mumbai any activity can be taken up.

    Please contact us for MSME Loans for projects report for availing Bank term loan:

    G.Ananda rao B.Sc(Ag) - (Ex Agricultural Officer -Department of Agriculture -AP & Agricultural Banker -SyndicateBank)
    Agri Finance consultant, Vijaya Agro & SME Consultants
    Mobile: 9703128495
  4. muraly menon

    muraly menon New Member

    Low investment is not an equity. Actual figure required. Type of business required. If it is agriculture, there are hundreds of products. If it is animal husbandry or flower cultivation or in food processing and packing, there are unlimited opportunities and all are depending upon capital or your low investment. Kindly clarify your finance status and interested field mentioned above. If you are interested in farming sector, consider organic farming which prevents so many diseases causing our human body, protects our next generations, environment, protects from global warming and stop the poison consuming in our society, at present. Kindly go to the web site and various FB accounts to understand "Zero budget natural farming" system insists, on local cow's dung and urine is enough to fertile up to 30 acres of land. So that it is called as Zero budget to get organic food with out any expenses.
    If you are interested and to invest in Banking sector with Non banking finance company and can invest Rs.250 lacks, you can start the banking business Rs.500 lacks.
    or in medicinal plants cultivation and processing, you required land and equity.
    Firstly open your mind and look at your "low investment" details. Then ask for idea. An Idea CAN NOT change your life, must required money.
    Muraleedharan / 99 6121 2626
    Before sending a reply, read the mail once again and think twice regarding the future of your business and how it is benefited for your children and next generations.
  5. sachinp

    sachinp New Member

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Good day!

    Greetings from SAP Agro Services!

    We are SAP Agro Services, well known consultants in Organic Agriculture based in Mumbai.

    We have experienced team of Agri-professionals; provide complete support and coordination services in organic certification process for individual as well as small holder group of farmers. The process starts from organic farmer basic training, establishment, documents to organic product processing. Tracenet software data entry, back up of all farm data online entry can be done for all small holder group project on contract basis. All the documentation process is systematic and completely compliant with organic standard programme.

    We provide technical guidance on high quality production, proper selection of plants or seeds and modern techniques so that cost on labour can be reduced. We also deliver consultancy under organic way pest control techniques, Model project report on specific crop, organic Farm management.

    We are committed to offer the clients cost effective and service quality. We are offering the following services.

    Ø Organic Farming Training to Farmers

    Ø Organic Certification Group/ Individual/Processor/Trader

    Ø Organic Orchard Management

    Ø Hi-tech / High Density Farming

    Ø Marketing of Organic Agro Products

    Ø Organic Terrace Garden

    Looking forward for good business association with your esteem organization. Do not hesitate to drop email or phone call for any query.

    Thanks and Regards,

    SAP Agro Services,

    Sachin Palkar (MSc Horticulture)
  6. divakarank

    divakarank New Member

    Can supply Nutmeg Fruit Concentrate in bulk. This can be diluted 5x and sold as ready to drink fruit juice. Interested?
  7. sanj626d

    sanj626d New Member

    I have two acre of land near mumbai 100 kms from mumbai in raigad district.would like to know if you do the contract farming or profit sharing basis with your available resources including manpower.if yes then please call me on my cell 9819461014.

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