Sale Best Quality River Sand for Horticulture Farm Projects, especially for farms with black soil.

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    Best quality river sand is an essential input for horticulture crop projects, especially when the farm soil is black. River sand can assure more smoothness to your fruit, flower and leaf crop products by assuring sufficient supply of silica. This is all the more important for crops like Mango, Pappaya, Cucumber, Melons, Banana, Muringa, Leaf Vegetables such as Lettuce, Palak, Cilantro, Amaranthus etc and similar crops and flower crops as the fruits, flowers and leaf should be with high smoothness externally for categorising them in higher quality/grade and to fetch higher prices. River sand is very essential for most crops in case the farm soil is black as there is natural possibility of silica deficiency in black soil. This is a very essential input in case you are following organic farming of any crop and the sand content of your farm soil is low, be it black or red soil.
    We can supply high quality river sand with valid permits from Government of Karnataka for mining in a sustainable manner from Tungabhadra river in a mining point near Raichur, with quantity quota limits for every day/month. We can deliver only in and around Bangalore in minimum truck loads of 30 MT per truck, using our own trucks with permits to carry the sand as per Government order. Of course, the same sand can be used for high quality constructions also but we prefer to supply for farming purpose. We offer best competitive rates for bulk supply.
    For further details, please mail us your requirement details, quantity required, delivery location and your contact details to E:
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