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    Redefines the way pork is served on the plate!

    Guwahati, Assam based company is India’s first ever start up to process pig meat into more than 50 value added products. It is the brainchild of Mr. Anabil Goswami and Mr. Arindom Hazarika. Both founders quit their corporate jobs at Tata Chemicals and Kotak Mahindra Bank respectively to improve the livelihood of farmers in North East and present their state’s pork delicacies across the country and soon in other countries as well. They share the details about being entrepreneur, learning curve, farmer prosperity, procurement process, pork processing, supply chain and future plans. Excerpts:
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    We started Arohan Foods in the year 2013, after almost a year of planning. As we both grew up in Assam, it holds special place in our hearts. We met each other at IBS, Hyderabad. Although away, our heart always stayed connected to Assam. We did extensive study about our own homeland, the various business prospects that ranged from fodder to textile. What caught our interest was pork! Assam is the highest producer of pork in the country and Northeast as a whole contributed to over 60% of the country’s pork consumption. Before the genesis of Arohan Foods, almost all value added pork products were being imported from neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka. Besides as a country, India has taken giant strides in the field of chicken and other meat products, but nothing exclusively with pork! Analyzing the market closely we decided to start an enterprise that combines the rich resources available in Northeast India and present a world class pork company.
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    We started Arohan Foods with a vision to bring positive changes in the livelihood of small and marginal farmers throughout the state. We started by sourcing pigs from the farmers through a well-defined procurement process. Quality being our prime focus, we trained the farmers to rear pigs hygienically and in alliance with accepted norms and conditions. Being newbies in the field of pig farming, we took technical expertise and guidance from National Research Center on Pigs ,ICAR , Rani. They supported us in producing India’s most hygienically processed pork. They served as our knowledge partners for producing various kinds of sausages and other value added products. We started from their R&D facility and the products launched in the market received good initial response as consumers wanted quality product. We processed Hampshire breed pigs into 50+ value added food products like bacon, salami, ham, and sausages. Our product line has been expanding consistently ever since.

    In the coming years we started building our own facility with machineries imported from China as well as some European countries. At present we have a 4 days/week production and during the peak seasons we do 6 days’ full shifts. First step of the processing is quarantine, slaughtering, post mortem assessment and then it proceeds for curing and processing. All products are packed in an HACCP and ISO 22000 certified unit. Being a frozen product, the Shelf life extends to almost 2 years depending on the product. Once the products pass through every quality test it is sent to distributors for market supply. Right now our products are available in over 22 states across the country.
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    For the various R&D related activities we have our own farm. The primary learning from this are shared with the farmers so as to help them achieve the quality requirements of the procurement process. This helps maintain the quality of the products that the consumers trust us with. Information about breed, feed, vaccination, veterinarians, right time for slaughtering etc are all supplied to the farmers through our dedicated team of veterinarians and extension workers.

    The close connection we have with the farmers has been boon to us. Initially we started off with only 20 farmers but now the number has risen to 2000. In addition, the earlier farmers who reared only 1-2 pigs are now rearing 8-10 pigs after being associated with us. Some progressive farmers even have 50-200 pigs in their farm now! The main reason of this growth is farmer connect and steady market growth.
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    The pigs are brought over to the factory only after our extension officers approve of the age, weight and health of pigs in the farm itself. At the factory gate, once again a quality check is made. pigs are weighed and accordingly the farmers are paid in cash. We buy the pigs at the current market price. High level of transparency is maintained with farmers with respect to pig weight and price.

    The by-products that cannot be processed are used as compost and manure. It all goes back to the soil, hence maintaining the ecological balance of the system. We use up all parts of the pig in such a way that there is zero wastage.

    We chose to return back to our homeland because we want to remain connected with our roots and contribute to its economic growth in our own little way. Lastly when we eat our sausages, we are assured of its quality, it feels very good!

    (As told to Shweta Dhanuka)

    Contact details:
    Arohan Foods
    House No 26, 2nd Floor,
    Opp Icon Academy,
    Rajgarh Road, Rajgarh,
    Guwahati 781003,
    Assam, India
    Phone: 0361 213 2 213
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    Kind attention: Mr. Anabil Goswami and Mr. Arindom Hazarika.

    Hi team, its a inspiring story. It proves that who help there communities and their home land are blessed. Your unconditional love to your homeland ASSAM made it happen. Really its appreciable effort. We wish you success for ever. Your products should reach all corners of the country. Your hard work, dedication, discipline and planning is paying. You brought light to many farmers of the state. Good. Good Luck. Am managing consultant of Hyderabad based agri consultancy company. How we can join hands??

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