Question Aloe Vera leaves marketing options ?

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by sarojbhanja, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. sarojbhanja

    sarojbhanja New Member

    Wanted to know how to sell aloevea after the cultive
  2. ashok504

    ashok504 New Member

    Dear Sir
    I want growing Aloe Vera in my farm but main problem is who purchase my Aloe Vera leaves?
    Please information about person or company who purchase my Aloe Vera leaves.

    Thank you
    With regards
    Ashok Chaudhary
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  3. mithun2015

    mithun2015 New Member

    Are you frm Tamilnadu
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  4. ashok504

    ashok504 New Member

    I am from Gujarat
  5. milansathavara

    milansathavara New Member

    I want to Information about installing aloevera jel extraction unit.
    So I want to Information about globale market value of alovera jel & Buyer of alovera gel.

    With regard
    Milan Sathavara

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