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    I have 1 acre land near tirunelveli. It was used to produce rice. Now I'm planning to grow some fruit trees. Guava or mango and to have teak tree at the edges of the land. How to choose the right plant and variety. If anyone have details or some references the n please send it to me. Will teak wood grow in tirunelveli region and which variety will be good.
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    Yes you can grow teak trees on the edge of your land and our teak is unique as it is tissue culture teak. We have many clones and the most suited can be grown in your area which we will suggest. Please contact us on: (0)9740179124 Murali or (0)8123243633 (Suresh)

    We are pioneers in Teak and we supply fast growing, high yielding, top quality and exceptionally healthy and unique Tissue Culture Teak plants.
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    please contact us Revolving Earth Agro 08176888883,8176888884,8176888885 or visit site or call our B.D.M. Mr Ranga Ganeshan on 09444123740
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    please call me for your fruit hortyculture and Teak tissue culture plant
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    Grow coconut plants at a distance of 7-9 meters and in between grow mango or guava fruit plants , Pl also plant Curry leaf as live hedge so that you will be getting income continuously rather than teak plantations which will be coming after 50 years .

    G.Ananda Rao , Ex Agricultural Officer & Agricultural Banker, Vijaya Agro Consultants, 9703128495,
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  7. Contact us to get all kinds of fruit plants and seeds.
    We also provide all kinds of medicinal, aromatic, forest, avenue and ornamental plant seeds and saplings.

    Feel free to contact us at 9776211145 or mail to us at
    Behuria Agro Farm, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
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    Respected friend: Mr


    As per discussion undersigned had with you over phone, regarding Teak & eucalyptus tissue culture , we like to bring following points for your consideration.

    1),Teak (sag wan) is one of the most valued timbers of the world .Its timber qualities include attractiveness in color & grain ,durability, strength and ease of working & carving ,resistance to termite, fungus and weathering.

    2),All type of soil without water logging is suitable for cultivating teak. Soil test will be carried out to know the soil condition and to recommend fertilizer chart,

    3),The optimum range of temperature is 30 degree C to 35 degree C Dry weather after monsoon.

    4),Tissue cultured raised plants which are able to be harvested quicker 10 or 15,th year with the acceptable wood quality at national & international markets,

    5),At the best we may expect a tree to produce a minimum and maximum 12 cft and 18 cft in one tree as per harvesting 10 or 15 Th years under best condition of intensive management,

    6), season of planting is preferable in July to September, However can be planted at anytime expect very high and low temperature

    7) There is no involvement with forest dept. no need to worry since REA buy back policy is available

    8), Teak tissue culture per plant cost up to 500 plant=Rs, 89/-. If you order above 500 plants the rate Rs,79/- only Minimum area required to carry out the project 1 acre and above

    9) 650 no’s tissue culture teak plant required for 1 acre land as per the planting distance.2 M X 2 M..

    10), Eucalyptus tissue culture per plant cost Rs, 18/-,

    11), 1200 to1300 no’s Eucalyptus tissue culture plant required for 1 acre land as per the planting distance.. 1.acre and above

    12) Mahogany Tree Plantation
    Plantation and Cultivation of Mahogany Tree.. Mahogany is the only tree for farmer’s future due to the cost and utility of the product. India imports almost 30% of mahogany wood which are required for high end Furniture, Yachter, Musical instruments and many more things. REA company has tissue culture mahogany plants with require height and ready to plant. The best part is, its a commercial tree, In 8-10 years the tree grows up to 80 feet and 1000 trees can be planted in 1 acre land as the tree is suitable for Indian climate. The fruits and leaves of the tree are helpful to cure various diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis and Asthma which will be additional income source. If you require Organic fertilizers will be provided by the company .The rate of per cubic meter( C F T) is approx Rs 2300/- One mahogany tree weights up to 40 cubic feet that means (40 Ghana foot) Averagely the earning from single tree will be Rs 80,000/and our Company gives buy back agreement . Heavy chances to earn Heavy returns and maturity is TAX FREE.
    The important factor to consider is the climate and environmental issue day by day due to which rainfall in India is getting affected.
    Indian Farmers have a great chance to earn some good money for the security of his family.
    Revolving earth agro India project with monetary returns and Save India Save Green Save Farmers....

    13) Mahogany tissue culture per plant cost. Rs, 76/-

    .Minimum area required to carry out the project 1. Acre and above .

    1000 no’s tissue culture mahogany plant required for 1 acre land as per the planting distance.

    14), please find attachment of tissue culture plant and registration form and fill the same, get registered .

    By paying Rs, 3500/ DD, in the name of m/s, Revolving Earth Agro India PVT LTD, or you can make online payment to

    1),m/s, Revolving Earth Agro India pvt ltd, 1),Account no -31532560000019 ,HDFC BANK ,BRANCH - PARABAZAR ,IFSC CODE .HDFC 0003153 .

    2), m/s, Revolving Earth Agro India pvt ltd, Account no - 33937157250.SBI BANK ,BRANCH - RASOOLABAD, IFSC CODE-SBIN0015676.

    3), m/s, Revolving Earth Agro India pvt ltd, Account no. 2411406792,, Kotak Mahindra bank,, Branch - Luck now shah janaf road Ifsc code KKBK0000141

    4), m/s, Revolving Earth Agro India pvt ltd, Account number 36330200000031,,Bank of Baroda,, Branch. ALIGANJ Ifsc code.: BARBO ALIGAN

    As early as possible for soil testing and further auction.,

    Services:**Visit to your plot or farm to get sample of soil for testing after registration. **Registration / booklet / training with fees of rupees 3500/ only.

    We give regular visit to your farm after plantation to know the technical problems and growth of plant .

    Land preparation and fertilizer chart will be submitted after soil test report.

    24x7 helpline number for our farmers

    We would like to work with you since we care for your growth; we are expecting your confirmation of the order. We send the registration form as soon as you confirm the order as per your requirement.

    Please feel free to contact us for further clarification

    Revolving Earth Agro (India) TEAK AND EUCALYPTUS PLANTATION ------------

    Planting Methods:
    Teak can be planted at 2m x 2m, 2.5m x 3 m or 3m x 3m escapement. It can also be raised along with agricultural crops at a spacing of 4m x 4m or 5m x 5m.
    • Plough lands thoroughly and level it of. Mark the areas for pit digging by alignment and staking.
    • Dig pits of 45 x 45 x 45 cm sizes. Refill the soil after seasoning and mixing with Farm Yard Manure and insecticides. On poor gravely sites, replace the pit soil by good soil.
    • Use pre sprouted stumps or poly pots for planting.
    • Firm up the soil after planting and apply irrigation wherever necessary.
    • Apply 100 g of compost fertilizer in pit at the time of planting and thereafter in split doses or as per the fertility status of soil.
    • Carry out weeding operations regularly. Weeding may be carried out @ 3 operations in the first year, 2 operations in second year and one operation in the third year.
    • Carry out soil working periodically for better growth of plants. One working in the Ist year and two workings in 2nd and 3rd year may be adequate.
    • De-budding in the initial years may be done to improve the quality of timber.
    Study has revealed that, irrigation during stress period boosts the growth of the plants. Irrigation should be followed by weeding (3,2,1) and adequate soil working. Two doses of fertilizer (in the month of August & September) @ 50 gm per plant of NPK (15:15:15) may be provided every year up to three years. By increasing the inputs of irrigation and frequent thinning, it is possible to increase the rate of diameter growth.

    Revolving Earth Agro (India) integrate farming of Teak, Eucalyptus, Mahogany and all fruits like Lemon Pomegranate Guava in India with buy back guarantee on stamp paper from court of Mumbai with current market rate of wood .

    Thanking you ,

    with regards,




    .** Terms and conditions :
    Availability of plants in company's green house is invariably in short supply. Pricing of planting stock is declared in advance to ensure that the farmers can book their plants any time during the year. Many a times, all plants in our nursery stock stand booked much earlier that their final lifting. We therefore encourage farmers to book plants in advance to ensure their availability. We always maintain transparency in supplying plants on first cum first serves bases and on terms and conditions as mentioned on the receipt.

    Our farmer near you in Tamil Nadu.1)Mr.Kaleem Chennai.(planted at senji)7200077379.2).Dr,Vijay kumar .9840718073 at srivilliputtur.3) Mr. jayachandran. 9841927310,9841027321 at nelimedu. Near velour. .4)Mr akhil 8066423899. At. Penugonda near Anandapur. (Andhra). 5). Mr.Ramanan. 8939479797. at Chithanakal. Near kanchipuram.6) Mr,Sita reddy .9490422455.

    At Nunna village near Vijayawada. Planting carried out end of this month.

    Rajnand gao chattigarh

    Vimla gangully 07869200569 , Jerusa bidari 09923232788 maharashtra pandharpur

    Debesh sharma 07354602299 Dungargarh chattisgarh ,.Bhirav bukas singh 09818166479 basti uttarpradesh,

    Jerusa bidari 09923232788 maharashtra pandharpur.

    1. First please you to register with M/S.Revolving Earth Agro pvt ltd paying 3,500/- please find attachment for Registration.

    2. Our technical person will visit your site to collect soil from your land ,the same soil sent to our factory lab for soil testing.

    3. Our technical person will discuss with you and submit the quotation as per your area of land, required plant etc.

    4. Accordingly land owner release 40% advance to the factory A/C in banks as enclosed address. Balance while delivery of plant.

    5. Plant cultivation will start in lab same will be delivered to your farm within 25 to 30 days, Soil test lab report, irrigation, planting method etc

    Please feel free to contact us for further clarification.

    Thanking you ,

    With regards,



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    Call me for more details 8220824978

    Attached Files:

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  10. k210881

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    Please update your soil type and water availability and which area,

    Karthick Reddy
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  11. mfys6572

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    Following rare exotic tropical fruit plants are offered by Amazone nursery , 6+ months old, originated from South America and is a selected variety which will start fruiting in 2-4 years. These are excellent ornamental trees for landscape, backyard and can be intercrop with other fruit trees. Detailed cultivation details are available on request to to Amazone Nursery. email :

    Delivery to All south Indian states;

    1.0 Rollinia Dilicosia

    2.0 Acai - Euterpa Oleracea Para Dwarf

    3.0 Lemondrop Mangosteen - Garcinia Intermedia

    4.0 Bolivian Mangosteen - Garcinia Humilis

    5.0 Bacupari- Garcinia Gardeneria

    6.0 Ice cream bean fruit - Inga Eudilis

    7.0 Sundrop- Eugenia Victoriana

    8.0 Black Berry Jam fruit

    9.0 Borojo

    10.0 Camu Camu

    11. o Milk Fruit

    12.0 Kei Apple

    13.0 Bali Salak

    14.0 White Sapote

    15.0 Bacuripari - garcinia macrophylla

    And more

    Contact :
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