Sale 96 acre out of which 70acre coconut farm in Madurai Rajapalayam.

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    Hi All,

    Here you go. Total 96acre coconut farm available in madurai Rajapalayam.
    Village sunderrajapuram
    1).70 acre fully covered with coconut trees.
    2).Well, borewell and EB free service.
    3).Two pond in the farm to save water during rain season.
    4). Rate 13 lks per acre.
    5).Good yeild
    6).Income from the yeild.
    7).Price negotiable with owner.

    Coconut exporter / coconut business man,intersted person can contact

    Contact Syed nyeem 9790905600/ whats up 99625 12945.
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    Beet the heat with coconut
  3. nyeemayeesha

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    Beet the heat

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