Sale 80 acres land for sale near Salem

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  1. devendran _100

    devendran _100 Active Member


    Land for sale 80 acres,
    Multiple Owners,
    2.5 lakhs per acre.
    Road access with good claimate,
    Single patch,
    Contact buyers,
    All eligible,north ,south and nris.
    Brokers excuse,only buyers
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  2. mvseenan

    mvseenan New Member

    Sir I would like to buy 15 to20 acres of this land. Please inform me the details of the exact location type of land etc to or WhatsApp to my number 7010736804
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  3. prabuvijayan

    prabuvijayan New Member

    I'm interested in this property. Please share the details to or reach out to me #8778621844.
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  4. nabsufieel

    nabsufieel New Member

    Where the land location
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  5. vaiyamalai

    vaiyamalai New Member

    Sir can you give me 10 acr
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  6. Hi i am the buyer is this land belongs to you,How many owners comes in this land I need 100 acre it's possible are you the proper owner or a mediator contact me by
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  7. prashanth8796

    prashanth8796 New Member

    please share the photos i am interested to buy 10 acres contact me at 9845130009
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  8. julakanti

    julakanti New Member

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  9. gmsganesan

    gmsganesan New Member

    Please send me the details to 9003930612
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  10. mraja

    mraja New Member

    Advise location and does the land have tar road.
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  11. bdeepan

    bdeepan New Member

    Please let me. Know the location of land in Salem. My number 9008433110
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  12. gmsganesan

    gmsganesan New Member

    Hi Sir,

    I'm interested. please send your mobile number to
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  13. ravi j

    ravi j Member

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  14. kgn_trading

    kgn_trading New Member

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  15. nikhilrs

    nikhilrs New Member

    I am interested in buying 5-10 acres of land can you give me your details or messages me on WhatsApp or call at 9980938510 or email nikhilshenoyr@gmail.con
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  16. leminan

    leminan New Member

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  17. hebron gardens

    hebron gardens New Member

    Hi, Is this land still for sale? How far from Palakkad?
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  18. balaram 36

    balaram 36 New Member

    I am interested. Now I am in Sslem, send me details to my watsapp 9245813195
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  19. dilsu82

    dilsu82 New Member

    Hi! Is this land still available?
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