Wanted 50 acers agriculture red soil land

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by psagri, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. psagri

    psagri New Member

    We wanted to buy 50 accers agriculture red soil and water facility land with transport facility.per accre 70k to 99k
    around kurnool,kadapa, ananatapur, chithoor,Bellari , chitradurg ,kopala, districts.my whatsup number 8074718318
  2. rajuagritech

    rajuagritech Member

    We are looking to buy 50 acres or more agriculture land in Andhra Pradesh with basic farming amenities & road access....
    If anyone interested.... please can u share ur contact number or call me on 9848021903 to discuss specific details​
  3. baghyanath

    baghyanath New Member

    Wanted 7 to 20 acres around 50 to 60 kms from Chennai. Bore facility and road access required not necessarily a main road. A village road is enough
  4. vijayjinka

    vijayjinka New Member

    I am looking for a agriculture land with full cleaned documents. Expecting rate between 50k to 1 lk. Near kadapa area. Please contact me on 8074039421.
  5. raj estate

    raj estate New Member

    Anybody needs agricultural land at Kodaikanal hills station ct me at 9790889609
  6. dyanckm

    dyanckm Member

  7. nirai08

    nirai08 New Member

    Iam gnanam from thiruvallur, please call me at 9047274686.i woultdo with all your expectations.
  8. avulaprathap

    avulaprathap New Member

    Hi This is prathap I need 5 to 10 acres land any one can help
  9. avulaprathap

    avulaprathap New Member

    My phone number 8639028897
  10. sudha302

    sudha302 New Member

    i am looking 20 acre agricultural land near hyderabad
  11. rafihyd

    rafihyd New Member

    I am interested in buying 2-3 acres of agriculture land - should be clear title - within 100 kms from Hyderabad - budget 10 lakhs - ready cash - contact 9885 304 305 - rafihyd at gmail dot com
  12. nyeemayeesha

    nyeemayeesha Member

    Hi all
    Could you please let me know we're you need the land n budget
  13. mammy123

    mammy123 Member

  14. nagu143

    nagu143 New Member

    OK call me 9704640997

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