Wanted 3-5 acres of Agriculture land on lease near Hyderabad

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by shri exports, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. shri exports

    shri exports New Member

    We are planning to start organic farming and looking for 3-5 acres of agriculture land for lease, within 50Kms radius of Hyderabad. Please do let us know. Thanks
  2. ssr1251983

    ssr1251983 New Member


    I am looking to lease 5 acres of land near Shabad mandal. Contact me if you are interested

  3. shri exports

    shri exports New Member

    Sure. Would like to more about this land. Can you pls provide more details? thanks
  4. srivani_8

    srivani_8 New Member

    We have land for lease...it's at Vikarabad..if interested call me on 9177427628
  5. ahnedirfan143

    ahnedirfan143 New Member

    Yes I have agricultural land 6000 sq yrds at talakondapally village @ srisailam road ..
    Red soil and good for cultivations with great businesses .@ reasonable lease price

    Also in jalpally near chandryangutta 530 sq yrd residential plot for multi use .storages ware houses etc

    Ibrahimpatnam 200 sq yrds residential plot for multiple use .

    If any interest for any of above can deal for long term lease at best prices to help u do great returns .
    Can call for negotiations deal ,brokers n agents most welcome on urgent basis with great commission structure.


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