Wanted 25 Acres of Barren Land - Tamil Nadu

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  1. jomathew

    jomathew Member

    Hi, I need around 25 acres of barren land within 100 km of any Airport in Tamil Nadu.
    My budget is 1 lakh/acre. Whatsapp number: +974-33409839
  2. reng0d47

    reng0d47 Member

    My client have more than 70 acres if you want to purchase all lands may be considered with in your budjet.
  3. jomathew

    jomathew Member

    70 acres ok for me, please send me the location and any more details to my whatsapp no: +974-33409839
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  5. Hi

    We have 100 acres of land in Tirunelveli and very closed to Tuticorin airport.if you are interested pls contact me below what's app number:9886829450
  6. goodman

    goodman New Member

    Pls give your no
  7. gatewayvly

    gatewayvly New Member

    Send me details
  8. reng0d47

    reng0d47 Member

  9. reng0d47

    reng0d47 Member

    pl call 9659768901
  10. drp round rock

    drp round rock New Member

    To day balenced lands.
    HyderaBad real estate take u turn to srisailam highway. This is future extended hyderabad... just in 5 years.

    3 1/2 acres agriculture land
    pure red soil
    main damber road bit
    good ground water.
    kurumidda jeedipalli raod
    kalvakurthy mandal
    nagarkarnool district
    good cultivation land
    best resalable land for investment
    just 90 km from
    ORR (outer ring road)
    per acre 18 lacs
    contact 6305499919

    6 acres agriculture land
    main road bit
    total fenced land.
    pure red soil
    good ground water
    urkonda mandal
    nagarkarnool district.
    kalvakurthy to jadcherla root
    hyderabad to land 87 km.
    just 76 km to ORR (outer ring road)
    16 lack per acre.
    contact 6305499919

    7 acres mamidithota.
    age 4 years
    pure red soil
    one bore full ground water.
    narsampalli, urkonda manadalam
    nagar karnool district
    kalvakurthy jadcherla root.
    20 lacks per acre.
    hyderabad to land 88 km
    just 77.km from ORR (outet ring road)
    contact 6305499919

    5 acres agriculture land
    pure red soil
    near mahatmagandhi cannal
    damber road bit.
    total fenced land.
    madaram village
    mudjill mandal
    mehaboob nagar district
    kalvakurthy to jadcherla root
    per acre 18 lacks.

    21 acres agriculture land
    1 bore
    open land.
    Good land for future,
    resalable land.
    Panjugula village.
    Kalvakurthy mandal
    Nagar karnool district.
    near kalvakurthy just 10 km
    HyderaBad to land 95km.
    ORR To Lnad 84 km
    Per acre 13 lacks.

    23 acres open land sudhakall,
    Total fenced land,
    Kalvakurthy to nagar karnool road,
    Just 1 km to land main road.
    Kalvakurthy mandal
    Nagar karnool district
    Near by cheruvu gattu.
    Hyderabad to land 101 km...
    ORR to land 90 km
    Per acre 9 lacks

    5 acre 23 guntas open land.
    Near amangal.
    Srisailam highway...
    mudgul root...
    18 lack per acre,
    near new regional ring road...
    just 70 km to hyderabad...
    just 59 km to ORR
    New declared regional ring raod. Just 20 km from land...

    4 1/2 acres 25 lacks per acre... vari... amangal to shadnagar root...
    New declared regional ring raod. Just 20 km from land...

    2 acres agriculture land
    near thalakondapalli chowrastha... amangal to shadnagar main road bit.
    40 lacks per acre.
    New declared regional ring raod.
    Just 20 km from land...
    contact 6305499919

    6 acres agriculture land in turkala palli... near shadnagar
    20 lacks per acre,
    2 bores vari.
    New declared regional ring raod.
    Just 19 km from land...

    20 acres land, single bit in which 10 acres is mango garden, 4 acres teak plantation and remaining 6 acres is agricultural land

    HyderaBad to land 77 km

    Village:Kakunooru, Mandal:Keshampet, Dist:Rangareddy, Keshampet, Mahabubnagar, telangana.

    Near RRR regional ring road. 30 lacks per acre... just 30 km from kadthal. Regional ring road... hyderabad real estate turned in to srisailam highway...

    2 acres commercial land in nagar karnool hyderabad.
    per acre 2cr

    9.24 acres agriculture land in akuthotapally,
    near srisailam highway,
    Hyderabad to land 70 km,
    Amangal to land 10 km,
    Newly confirmed outer ring raod declaration area to land just 2km,
    Main road bit,
    Perfect resalable land
    in just few months
    per acre 22 lacks

    4 acres agriculture land
    fathepur bhavani thanda.
    Near jadcherla,
    land near canal.
    4inch bore.
    Mehaboob nagar district.
    Per acre 1250000
    Contact 6305499919

    16.2 acre agriculture land near thalakondapalli.
    thalakondapalli mandal
    ranga reddy district
    just 68 km to hyderabad
    just 57 km to ORR
    Per acre 24 lacks.
    just 18 km from kadthal Regional ring road...
    Contact 6305499919
  11. reng0d47

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  12. sarmalanka

    sarmalanka Member

    I am looking for less than a lac per acre. If you have any kindly respond me... 9705595199
  13. reng0d47

    reng0d47 Member

    125 acres of land in Ramanathapuram district 85000 per acre
  14. gokulthegreat

    gokulthegreat New Member

    Please whatsapp me the details i want to purchase...to +971559401292
  15. reng0d47

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    Send a invite msg from your number

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