Sale 12 acres agriculture land near Hyderabad Telangana

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  1. drp round rock

    drp round rock New Member

    12 acres agriculture land Urkonda,
    Near Kalwakurthy,
    Kalwakurthy to mehaboob Nagar highway,
    Highway to land 2 km,
    Hyderabad to land 90 km,
    Outer ring road to land 65 km,
    Contact 6305499919
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  2. gayatri80

    gayatri80 New Member

    Price and exact location?
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  3. maharch

    maharch Member

    Price plz
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  4. rajesh198

    rajesh198 New Member

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  5. pamara1964

    pamara1964 New Member

    Exact location of the land and price
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  6. adithya_123

    adithya_123 New Member

    What is the orice per acre
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  7. rk0706888

    rk0706888 New Member

    What’s the price?
    Contact me on 8897253885
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  8. share the price ?
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  9. kodhandapani

    kodhandapani New Member

    sir, I am interested to get on lease hence kindly furnish full details of the land and water resources pl write the details to our email id :
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  10. yugeshsyk

    yugeshsyk New Member

    Needed the agriculture land around 50kms from Hyderabad approx. 4 acres. any one having the properties do inform me.
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