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Mushrooms are one of the finest creations of Nature and have always been a keen area of interest for generations. Over past few decades, people have shown interest in commercialization of Mushroom Cultivation at various levels. With the advent of technology, there has been major improvement in cultivation and post-harvest techniques; even then, mushroom cultivation is still a labor intensive process largely.

The major setback that the industry has been facing is regarding the proper understanding of various growth parameters, utilization of various natural resources, control of contamination and planning a better market strategy to sell the finished product. All of these are neatly linked to one another and has to be carefully managed. We, at Jayaa Agro Foods, help clients to understand these minute details with perfection and thus building up the confidence of the young entrepreneurs. We enable them to build up an enterprise of their own and with a positive attitude.

Consultancy Details
1. We help you design the production set up for the year round production
2. We train you and your labours about the process of mushroom cultivation
3. We help you to start up the business with minimum possible investment.
4. We help you understand the growth parameters, so that you can produce mushroom with little or no contamination
5. We resolve all your queries 24*7
6. We will guide you with the latest and innovative technology.
7. We can help you with planning and developing marketing strategy for your product
8. Prepare mushroom cultivation project report

•    Founded in 2009 with a vision to develop and create entrepreneurship in the field of Biotechnology.
•    We are producing Mushroom of high quality in a environment friendly set up.
•    We are working towards producing mushroom without creating any harm to the environment.
•    JAYAA AGRO FOODS is committed towards Quality, Better Shelf Life and healthy Mushrooms.
•    We are also committed towards promoting a healthy lifestyle in the society.

•    Jayaa Agro Foods is a registered company under Trademark Registration Act, 1999.
•    Oyster Mushroom ( Pleurotus florida/ Pleurotus sajer – kaju / Hypsizygus ulmarius )
•    Milky White Mushroom ( Calocybe indica )
•    Button Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus)
•    Mushroom Spawn Production
•    Consultancy in Mushroom Production
•    Utilization of SMS
•    Training & Guidance in Mushroom Production
•    Environment friendly Production process

•    Mr.  Sushant  Shekhar is  the  Founder  of  the  JAYAA  AGRO  FOODS  and  Managing Director  of  the Company. He began his business in 2009 by starting a small mushroom production unit which has taken the shape of an industry with a current production of 1500 Kg/day.
•    In 2011, he commenced Training and workshops with regard to mushroom production. He pioneered the concept of utilization of natural resources in Mushroom Production, such as rain water harvesting, use of solar heating system etc.
•    He has also developed newer techniques for better utilization of Spent Mushroom Substrate (SMS).
•    Currently, a high efficiency pasteurization unit for substrate has been developed for which a patent will be applied soon.
•    Jayaa Agro Foods has also ventured recently in providing Consultation and guidance to farmers and students, to initiate a small mushroom cultivation Farm. Jayaa Agro Foods has as many as 23 clients so far who have utilized our consultancy services.
•    Jayaa  Agro  Foods  is  also  progressing  ahead  with some other initiatives in agri sector such as  Plant Tissue Culture, Bio fertilizers, Goat farming, Medicinal plants cultivation, Probiotic Yoghurt Production, Organic fruits and vegetable, Floriculture, Pickle production and so on.
•    He has received many awards and accolades during his academic career. He has been as a Guest Lecture  in  as  many  as  13  seminars  and  conferences,  guiding  students  towards  a  career  in Biotechnology.
•    He has received “Karnataka Suvarna Shri” Award for supporting NGO and self-help group towards economic upliftment and for being a young Entrepreneur.
•    He has an Interview published in September 2011 and May 2013 in a National level Agriculture related magazine “Agriculture & Industry Surveys”.
•    Currently, he is also pursuing his PhD from Tumkur University, where he is working on medicinal plants and Holistic Approach of healing any ailments.
•    He has 9 International Publication and 16 proceedings of research publications to his credit.

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