Call Connect Service - Be Smart. Save Time.

Get help from call centre team to help you connect and follow up more business leads. has more than 200,000 buyers, sellers and experts listed . You can select whom you want to contact and we will arrange a call with the person.

When you buy our Call Connect Service, a trained business coordinator will arrange a conference call with the buyer, seller or expert you are trying to connect with. Also, after the call we can help you follow up with the person to try and complete your business transaction.

Be smart. Save time. Start having real conversations to get your business moving head. Get’s 24/7 call centre team to work for you . Price for our call connect service starts as low as Rs 100 ($2) per connection. You can buy 'Call Connect Service' credits online using the links below.

Note - After the intial call, if further follow up is required, additional fee may apply and will be discussed case to case.

If you have questions about our Call Connect Service contact us.
BUY 'Call Connect Service' credits

Call Connect Service Credits - 1 credit - Rs 200 valid one year
Call Connect Service Credits - 5 credits - Rs 750 valid one year
Call Connect Service Credits - 10 credits - Rs 1000 valid one year

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